Pre-Arrival Preparations

In order to provide you with the most efficient airport services possible, we ask that before you get to the airport or before you exit your plane, you have made the following preparations:

  • Have your travel documents ready to hand to your concierge agent
  • Have easy access to hotel reservation documentation or the address of where you’ll be staying and who you’ll be staying with
  • Know how to quickly present your confirmed return travel documentation

What Happens on Arrival

Once you’re greeted by your concierge agent, they will ask for your travel documents. They will quickly review your documents to make sure everything is in order and that all the information matches your passport.

This will help you get through immigration much faster.

If anything is missing or there are any issues, you have a chance to get prepared to explain them before reaching the immigration clearance checkpoint.

Any issues with your travel documentation can cause you delays in clearing customs and immigration. There is nothing Airport VIP Services can do to make the process faster if your travel documents aren’t in order.

Pre-arrival Preparations Service

What Does “Have Your Documents Ready” Mean?

In order to help you quickly and efficiently get through the airport, you should have all of your travel documents organized in an envelope or folder. You need to be able to pull out your travel documents as soon as you meet your concierge agent at the gate.

You don’t have to have them in your hands, but they should be in the pocket of a purse, briefcase, or backpack.

Having your documents ready also means that you are familiar with what each document looks like and what information it contains.

You should not carry your documents in your hand as you are trying to get your carry-on luggage off of the plane. You don’t want to accidentally lose track of any critical document as you are trying to get to your concierge agent.