Gateway Services

While massive amounts of time and money are being spent in airports and in long tiring lines. Due to confusion in traveling plans, poor airport counter, security services, an expensive vacation can leave you less than fulfilled. Even the world’s avid travelers often find vacations or business trips hassling due to planning.

Airport VIP Services® is now offering travelers the opportunity to travel like royalty. Beginning upon arrival at the destination, Airport VIP Services® guests are treated like millionaires by being able to pass through immigration and customs within moments.
In addition, travelers are quickly taken to their accommodation by VIP vehicle if this extra service has been booked.

Airport VIP Services® is the AIRPORT FAST TRACK SERVICES for airport security.
Airport VIP Services® members are provided with precise instructions on where and how to meet Airport VIP Services® agents who then guide you thru designated airport security special fast lanes world-wide. Airport VIP Services® members pass through immigration, customs and airport security faster, with more predictability and less hassle.

Airport VIP Services® members do not waste time in immigration, customs and airport security lines. They are in control of their time and their schedule.
• Get through security faster, in under five minutes.
• Don’t worry about unpredictably long lines.
• Access a designated security lane with special benefits.
• Allow our attendants and concierges to help you as you go through our fast-track lane.
• Use our Airport VIP Services® service at airports world-wide.