Terms and Conditions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is not an invoice! Please do not make payment now. Invoicing will be done separately.

This charge is based on a service period not exceeding two hours after the scheduled time or arrival/departure stated above. Should unforeseen delays occur, Airport VIP Services LLC reserves the right to charge an additional fee. Terms of Business of Airport VIP Services LLC, registered in Miami Florida.

1. General

1.1.  Airport VIP Services LLC – in the following referred to as  Airport VIP Services – offers VIP services as special service for passengers according to the current description of offered services and charges. Information on services and charges can be obtained from the VIP Services unit of Airport VIP Services or by visiting http://www.airportvipservices.com The VIP Services unit offers:

a) VIP meet and greet/protocol airport services

b) Completing all formalities for immigration or emigration according to legal requirements, national and international

c) Provision of a vehicle for transportation in the apron area (upon request and availability)

d) Use of lounge facilities, including beverages (also alcoholic beverages) and cold or warm snacks (upon request, if available and, in some cases in extra charge)

e) Possibility to use specific VIP short-term parking spaces in the operational area
1.2. The terms of business mentioned here apply to the offered VIP services. Deviating terms of business of the customer do not apply even if Airport VIP Services is aware of them and does not explicitly disagree.

1.3. The Airport User Regulations are an integral component of these terms of business.

1.4. Should a customer request services of the Airport VIP Services VIP Services unit, which are not offered in the current description of services, the customer must request and coordinate this with the VIP Services unit in advance. The requested services may generate further costs which are to be paid by the customer. Should additional services be requested, additional charges will be incurred.

1.5. Passengers with impaired mobility have access to a separate and free of charge service according to EU Regulation 1107/2006. This service must be organized via the specific airline or tour organizer. Upon request, the VIP Services unit will also assist persons will impaired mobility according to the current description of offered services and charges. However, the VIP Services unit will not handle difficult medical cases (severely ill persons with or without medical care). In this case there is no claim to receive free VIP services. Persons with impaired mobility must indicate this when booking the VIP services.

1.6. Use of the VIP services does not generally exempt passengers from obligatory government measures or requirements such as aviation security checks, passport and customs checks unless the responsible government agency has issued an exemption.

1.7. A general claim to the offered services of the Airport VIP Services VIP Services unit does not exist. This is specifically the case if the Airport VIP Services VIP Services unit cannot provide the booked services due to an Act of God, strike measures, weather conditions or due to measures ordered by government agencies.

2. Booking / Order / Corrections

2.1. The booking of offered VIP services should be done and received in writing (booking form and e-mail) by the VIP Services unit as early as possible

and no later than 36 hours before the flight(s). All necessary information must be provided in the booking form, or e-mail. The VIP Services can be contacted by: Telephone: +1 212 252 2154    E-mail: info@airportvipservices.com. Airport VIP Services reserves the right to refuse to accept an order due to a very short notice, force majeure, etc. The deciding factor here is common sense.

2.2. The order becomes legally binding upon the customer having received the order confirmation of the VIP Services unit. The order confirmation will be sent by e-mail. The customer is obliged to check the order confirmation with regard to its correctness and contact Airport VIP Services immediately should there be any errors.

2.3. The VIP Services unit must be informed immediately and IN WRITING about any corrections or changes connected to the offered VIP services (arrival time, departure time, number of persons, etc.). The corrections or changes first become binding for Airport VIP Services once the customer has received the changed order confirmation from the VIP Services unit.

3. Cancellation of Services and No Show

3.1. Booked and bindingly confirmed VIP services can be cancelled free of charge up to 96 hours ((local time of airport, arrival/departure) before the service is to be performed. 96 hours – 72 hours (local time of airport, arrival /departure) – 35% 72 hours – 48 hours (local time of airport, arrival /departure) – 50% for USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan regions) Less than 48 hours (local time of airport, arrival/departure) or no-show – 100% Cancellations must be done in writing, by e-mail. 3.2. Passengers, who do not show up for their booked VIP services (no show departure) or who are not seen at their booked flight (no show arrival / transit) are charged 100 % of the service charge. Airport VIP Services will first attempt to find the person having booked the VIP services before collecting the above-mentioned service charge for not showing up.

4. Terms of Payment

4.1. The costs for the offered VIP Services are to be paid after receiving the invoice by bank wire transfer or by credit card. Airport VIP Services reserves the right to demand upfront payment by credit card, specifically if a new customer is involved.

4.2. Furthermore, the current General Terms of Payment of Airport VIP Services apply which can be found on our website

4.3. After the service has been effectuated, we are entitled to keep the relevant documents and papers until our charges and fees are paid in full.

5. Liability

5.1. Airport VIP Services excludes liability for persons and damages except in cases of gross negligence or bad intent.

5.2. Airport VIP Services is liable in cases of death or injuries according to current Sint Maarten law. Should the VIP Services unit not be able to perform the offered and contracted services due to an Act of God, strike, weather conditions, measures ordered by government agencies or other circumstances outside its realm of influence, Airport VIP Services is excluded from any liability whatsoever.

6. Complaints Procedure.

Any service rendered which did not live up to its original description will be investigated. We accept no liability for the misinterpretation of the title, description and documentation of our VIP services.

7.Data Protection.

We will not disclose to any third party any personal data without the express authorization to do so. Valid effective March 13th, 2014 Miami Florida.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]